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Our beef can be purchased as either Whole Beef or 1/2 Beef.

All Beef requires a deposit of $400.00 for a whole and $200.00 for a 1/2.

*Whole Beef-$4.25 a pound for   Hanging Weight

*1/2 Beef-$4.35 a pound for Hanging Weight

*Average Hanging Weight is 450#

*Processing Price is not included*

*Limited quantities! 

You can have your meat processed anywhere but we recommend Dundy County Processing


Lowline Angus is the best breed for our area, our market, and is the most efficient converter of grass to high quality beef available.

Carcass posses excellent beef characteristics of taste, texture, and tenderness as well as exceptional ribeye area per hundred pounds of body weight.  Muscle fibers are smaller, making the beef more tender than other breeds.

They are naturally polled and are docile in nature.


We currently have HIGH QUALITY registered AAR heifer's and steers.

All of our cattle would be great for any show ring.  Along with any grass fed program.  Lowlines work for commercial operations as well.  Check out the data to prove it!

Change is hard cashing bigger checks isn't!

Our freezer beef will be ready for your freezer in fall of 2019.

Our new Bull has not disappointed. 

Check him out!

New Bull

Please call for more information!


We are super excited to announce we are growing.  We have looked high and low for high quality American Aberdeen (Lowline) cattle to improve our herd.  We are over the top excited about the bred Heifer's with calves we have added to our herd this year.  They come from proven grass fed genetics out of Montana.  This coming years calves are smoking.  Don't hesitate to come look for your beginner 4-H project or quality seed stock.