Learn More About Owens American Aberdeen (Lowline) Angus

Champion Grass Fed Beef is made up through the humble beginnings of Matt & Kelsey Owens. We are located outside the little Nebraska town of Champion. With a small herd we have taken great pride in purchasing high quality Lowline Angus. We strive to improve the breed as well as produce high quality all natural grass fed beef. We feel the health benefits from natural grass fed beef are extremely important. Our beef has no growth hormones, no antibiotics, and never been fed grain. 

Our Philosophy

We have put in countless hours looking at the genetics and bloodlines of our American Aberdeen (Lowline) cattle.  All of our cattle are registered and we are working hard to produce cattle that are functional in the real world.  What is expected in the show ring doesn't function in the real world setting.  We raise cattle that marble on grass alone and produce tender cuts of meat as well as perform in the show ring.  Our herd produces more meat per acre and is easy on the eyes while looking at them in the pasture.  

Our Story